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  1. SHIELD TV FAQ (US and North America) This article is specific to the US and Canada.  For the UK and Nordics version, click here:   UK SHIELD TV FAQ   WHAT SHIELD TV PRODUCTS ARE AVAILABLE TODAY? - SHIELD TV which... Date Updated: 03/15/2019
  2. SHIELD TV FAQs (UK/NORDICS/NL/CZ) This article is specific to the UK and Nordic countries.  For the US version, click here:   US SHIELD TV FAQ   WHAT SHIELD TV PRODUCTS ARE AVAILABLE TODAY?   - SHIELD TV which... Date Updated: 02/25/2019
  3. WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD THE GEFORCE NOW MAC OR PC APP AGAIN? You can download the MAC version   here . You can download the PC version here . You can download the SHIELD TV version here . Date Updated: 08/02/2018
  4. NVIDIA Control Panel Windows Store App The NVIDIA Control Panel app is automatically installed from the Windows Store with select PCs during driver installation.  Manual installation from the Microsoft Store is not necessary... Date Updated: 06/18/2019
  5. Capturing application crash or TDR dump files on Windows Updated Please note:  This article explains how to collect crash data from an application crash or TDR.  If you are searching for information on how to collect crash data from an unrecoverable... Date Updated: 07/19/2019
  6. Capturing a crash dump file from a Windows blue screen (BSOD) New Please note: This article explains how to capture a crash dump from an unrecoverable Windows system freeze that results in a blue screen.  If you are searching for Capturing application crash or... Date Updated: 07/19/2019
  7. Solving NVIDIA Installer Issues The installer package of the NVIDIA GeForce Experience/Quadro Experience application, or the NVIDIA Graphics Driver can sometimes hit generic failures which do not pinpoint an exact error... Date Updated: 06/05/2019
  8. The GeForce NOW Mac or PC apps indicates it needs an update. How do I manually update it? Updated The GeForce NOW Mac and PC apps are designed to update itself automatically, but there are some cases where it is unable to update. Here are some things to try:   Check what version of the... Date Updated: 07/12/2019
  9. OpenGL “lost connection” Meaning I have seen this Event Log Message: The NVIDIA OpenGL driver lost connection with the display driver due to exceeding the Windows Time-Out limit and is unable to continue. The application must close... Date Updated: 01/26/2017
  10. GeForce Hotfix Driver Version 431.18 GeForce Hotfix display driver version 431.18 is based on our latest Game Ready Driver 430.86 .  This Hotfix driver addresses the following: Fixes BSOD after waking ASUS GL703GS/Asus GL502VML... Date Updated: 06/21/2019
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