1. Windows PC NVIDIA SHIELD Android macOS Chromebook Date Updated: 09/29/2021
  2. Per Microsoft requirements, the NVIDIA Control Panel is no longer included in the driver package and is instead distributed exclusively through the Microsoft Store and seamlessly installed following... Date Updated: 09/29/2021
  3. I have seen this Event Log Message: "An application has requested more GPU memory than is available in the system. That application will now be closed." What does it mean? The most common cause for... Date Updated: 09/29/2021
  4. New We are aware of this issue and have a new app which should resolve the issue.  Please download the new app . Date Updated: 11/04/2021
  5. NVIDIA Resizable BAR Firmware Update Tool This article explains how to update the GPU firmware for Resizable BAR compatibility on GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs from NVIDIA and our partners. Contact your... Date Updated: 09/29/2021
  6. I have seen this Event Log Message: The NVIDIA OpenGL driver lost connection with the display driver due to exceeding the Windows Time-Out limit and is unable to continue. The application must close... Date Updated: 09/29/2021
  7. I have seen this Event Log Message: A TDR has been detected. The Application must close. What does it mean? If you received this message from an application (in the Event Log or on a pop up message)... Date Updated: 09/29/2021
  8. GeForce NOW games are running from the cloud, which means they are running on a server in a data center, not directly from your Mac, PC or Shield Our latest app has a built-in network test that q... Date Updated: 09/29/2021
  9. The   DisplayID   specification provides enhanced display capabilities.  To ensure compatibility with monitors using   Date Updated: 10/20/2021
  10. On July 23rd, Trusted Mode became the default mode for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Trusted mode in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive blocks third-party files from interacting with the game and... Date Updated: 10/05/2021
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