Where can I find more information about products using NVIDIA chips?

Updated 04/15/2010 08:31 AM
Where can I find more information about products using NVIDIA chips?

The best place to start learning about NVIDIA based products is the PRODUCTS page on the NVIDIA.com website. 

NVIDIA products page


If you are looking for drivers, go to the Driver Download page. 

Driver Download page

PLEASE NOTE:  NVIDIA is NOT allowed to directly provide drivers for many notebook computers.  NVIDIA provides drivers to the notebook manufacturers.  If a driver for your notebook computer is not available on our Driver Download page, you must contact them for updated drivers.


If your NVIDIA based product is damaged or defective and you are looking for a replacement, please contact the manufacturer of the product.  Remember that NVIDIA does not sell GeForce graphics cards.  NVIDIA creates the GPU, which is a chip that many companies use to create graphics cards.  For convinience, here's a list of companies that create graphics cards and motherboards based on NVIDIA technology.

Hardware Support and Manufacturer list


If you are looking for help choosing the the right graphics card or motherboard, click here:

Graphics Card and Motherboard Interactive tool

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