Known issue: Microsoft Azure Linux image fails to acquire an NVIDIA virtual GPU software license

Updated 09/29/2021 01:09 PM


This issue affects Linux images based on Microsoft Azure NV-series and NVv2-series GPU-optimized virtual machines with licensing provided by Microsoft Azure. If the runlevel in such an image is changed, the image fails to acquire an NVIDIA virtual GPU software license.

This issue occurs because the hypervkvpd daemon stops if the runlevel is changed. The hypervkvpd daemon is required for communications between the guest virtual machine and the host. When the daemon is no longer running, the nvidia-gridd service fails to acquire a license from the host.

When this issue occurs, error messages similar to the following messages are logged:

Dec 24 08:08:24 nvdavgpugrhel nvidia-gridd: Started (12402)
Dec 24 08:18:28 nvdavgpugrhel nvidia-gridd: Maximum number of retry attempts reached
Dec 24 08:18:28 nvdavgpugrhel nvidia-gridd: Failed to acquire license (1)


This workaround requires administrator privileges.

  1. Start the hypervkvpd daemon.

    # service hypervkvpd start
  2. Continue with the installation of the NVIDIA graphics driver or restart the nvidia-gridd service.


Not an NVIDIA bug

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