Troubleshooting tips for GameStream

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Troubleshooting tips for GameStream

Troubleshooting tips for GameStream

1. Check host PC for any of the 3rd party software below. If you have any of these installed consider uninstalling temproary and see if that helps. With at least Razer Synapse, Kaspersky, and Keybots, disabling the software may not help, it must be completely removed/uninstalled from the system.
     -Kaspersky Internet Security & Anti-virus
     -Razer Synapse software
     -ASUS KeyBot
     -ASUS GameFirst
     -Panda Cloud Anti-virus
     -AVG Internet Security
     -K9 Web Protection software
     -ESET nod32 Anti-virus
     -Other Anti-virus or Internet Security software
2. Make sure both SHIELD device and host PC is connected to the same Network/router.
3. Make sure you have the latest updates for SHIELD Hub on the SHIELD device. You can check for updates from SHIELD Hub > Settings > About > Check For Updates.
4. Make sure you have the latest graphics drivers and GeForce Experience on host PC. You can check by launching GeForce Experience and check for updates.
5. Try clearing the SHIELD Hub data/cache. You can do this from Settings > Apps.
6. Make sure you use the same account for SHIELD Hub app and GeForce Expereince.
7. Try logging off from both SHIELD Hub and GeForce Expereince, restart SHIELD device and host PC, and then log back in.
8. Make sure user host PC is connected to the same router using wired Ethernet connection and not Wi-Fi.
9. Make sure SHIELD device is connected to 5Ghz band and not 2.4Ghz if using Wi-Fi connection.
10. If both 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz bands are enabled in the router than make sure the SSID is different for each.
11. Make sure your router has the latest firmware update.
12. If problem is specific to Remote GamStream then please try the port forwarding tool here:

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