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  1. DVD playback requires more stringent checks to comply with the latest Macrovision requirements.  Macrovision is mandated copy protection standard for DVD-Video.  If Windows Media... Date Updated: 07/14/2009
  2. Yes, the NVIDIA Purevideo DVD Decoder can support Transport Streams in Windows Media Player.  You must associate the file type with Microsoft Windows Media Player first in order for it to play... Date Updated: 07/17/2008
  3. Windows Media Player in Win7 does not play back H.264 videos at above 1080p. To play back videos at resolutions above 1080p, we recommend VLC Date Updated: 04/07/2014
  4. Yes, you can. As long as the TV show you recorded is not copy-protected. You can watch it in Windows Media Player 11 on your MCE system or take it to a different PC and watch it... Date Updated: 05/10/2010
  5. The NVIDIA Purevideo Decoder software package contains a video decoder and an audio decoder that allows you to play DVD's and files that contain video content that was encoded in MPEG-2 format... Date Updated: 04/23/2010
  6. When a decoder is installed on a PC, Microsoft Windows assigns a priority level for the decoder as well as all other decoders installed.  NVIDIA does not recommend leaving other... Date Updated: 04/23/2010
  7. Unfortunately, this is expected behavior with Transport Stream playback within the Media Center 2005 interface.  Windows Media Player 10 will use the NVIDIA HDTVDemux filter to... Date Updated: 05/09/2007
  8. Please perform the following steps to troubleshoot this issue: 1.  Ensure your system meets the NVIDIA Purevideo Decoder system requirements... Date Updated: 01/20/2015
  9. According to Microsoft, Windows Media Player 10 installation package may overwrite certain Digital Rights Management (DRM) files. The mismatched files prevent protected content from playing... Date Updated: 03/16/2012
  10. The GeForce 6800 models featured the 1st generation of our programmable video technology which includes support for high-definition MPEG2 video decode and standard definition MPEG2 encode, as well as... Date Updated: 05/09/2007
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