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  1. TV video signals will appear blurry compared to the sharp image quality from a high-resolution PC monitor.  Graphic cards are designed to output at resolutions of 640x480 or... Date Updated: 01/26/2017
  2. TROUBLESHOOTING SHIELD Before using this troubleshooting guide, make sure that your SHIELD is   updated with the latest system update, available automatically if your SHIELD is connected to the... Date Updated: 10/28/2019
  3. Some video streaming apps use Dolby Digital Plus (DD+/E-AC-3) to send 5.1 multi-channel audio to your TV or audio/video receiver.  The SHIELD TV passes the bitstream audio to your TV or receiver... Date Updated: 04/04/2019
  4. Most HDR TVs do not have HDR output enabled by default for HDMI. To enable HDR output from SHIELD, refer to your TV owner's manual. Here are the settings for some of the common TVs: Samsung HDR TVs... Date Updated: 01/27/2017
  5. SHIELD TV supports up High Resolution Audio up to 32-bit 192 kHz audio delivered via HDMI as long as the app has supports for high resolution audio.   Additionally, your audio setup... Date Updated: 02/23/2017
  6. On certain systems, you may experience problems detecting certain installed hardware when you perform an upgrade from Windows Media Center 2004 to Windows Media Center 2005.  If after installing... Date Updated: 04/30/2010
  7. It is possible to watch your recorded shows on your Sony PSP.  Please use Badaboom developed by Elemental can transcode TV shows to Sony PSP video... Date Updated: 05/04/2010
  8. It is possible to watch your recorded shows on your iPOD. Several applications are available in the market that will allow you to convert your shows to a video file format that iPOD... Date Updated: 03/16/2012
  9. First reboot your SHIELD. If the app still fails to launch, go to the Google Play store to see if the app has an update. Open the Google Play Store > My Apps and install any pending updates. Date Updated: 02/03/2017
  10. This is a known issue we are actively working on.   For now, you can work around the issue by following these instructions   1.  Open Settings > Device preferences > Display... Date Updated: 10/28/2019
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