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  1. Disabling NVIDIA Physx GPU acceleration To disable NVIDIA Physx GPU acceleration: 1) Right-click over your Windows Desktop and select "NVIDIA Control Panel" from the context menu 2) From the NVIDIA Control Panel, select "Set Physx... Date Updated: 07/12/2010
  2. 10-bit per color support on NVIDIA Geforce GPUs NVIDIA Geforce graphics cards have offered 10-bit per color out to a full screen Direct X surface since the Geforce 200 series GPUs.  Due to the way most applications use traditional Windows API... Date Updated: 08/02/2011
  3. EOL Windows driver support for legacy products Beginning with the Release 378, the NVIDIA professional drivers no longer support the following NVIDIA Quadro products below. The NVIDIA support team will continue to address critical driver issues... Date Updated: 05/03/2018
  4. Driver download does not complete through GeForce Experience Download process is not completing to allow me to start the driver installation GeForce Experience authenticates the downloaded driver package before allowing the user to install the package. If... Date Updated: 09/15/2016
  5. Which HDMI audio formats do NVIDIA GPUs support? The following table shows the NVIDIA GPU support for HDMI audio. Format Type Max Channels GeForce 500** GeForce GTX 590/590/570 GeForce 600/700/ Titan GeForce 900 Series (Kepler) GeForce 10 Series... Date Updated: 10/08/2018
  6. NVIDIA Recommended Display Adapters   The following table lists recommended display adapters that have been tested by NVIDIA for compatibility with GeForce and Quadro products. These adapters are sold and warranted directly by... Date Updated: 05/29/2018
  7. SHIELD TV: Enabling SMB 1.0 in Windows 10 to use Plex Media Server If you are unable to connect to your Windows 10 shared network drive, it is possible SMB 1.0 protocol is disabled from your Windows 10 settings.  To enable, please follow the instructions below... Date Updated: 08/25/2017
  8. How Do I Reset SHIELD TV to Factory Settings A reset to factory settings should be used only as a last resort when troubleshooting. All personal data, files, settings and installed apps will be removed and cannot be recovered. Also, please note... Date Updated: 08/30/2018
  9. I own an Adaptive-Sync monitor that is not on your G-SYNC Compatible list. Can I enable variable refresh rate anyways? New If you have a G-SYNC Compatible  Adaptive Sync monitor, variable refresh rate will be enabled automatically following the installation of R417.71 or later drivers on system that meets the system... Date Updated: 01/15/2019
  10. How Do I Adjust the Volume Using SHIELD Controller or SHIELD Remote The new SHIELD Controller has a touch-sensitive region between the joysticks that acts as a volume control slider. Sliding up will increase the volume, and sliding down will decrease the... Date Updated: 02/02/2017
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