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  1. NVIDIA Recommended Display Adapters   The following table lists recommended display adapters that have been tested by NVIDIA for compatibility with GeForce and Quadro products. These adapters are sold and warranted directly by... Date Updated: 05/29/2018
  2. How to invoke the Android "Fastboot" Menu on SHIELD TV The new SHIELD TV (16GB): If you own a SHIELD Controller Unplug SHIELD TV. Connect SHIELD controller to SHIELD TV with a USB cable (use port closest to HDMI). While holding the A and B buttons at the... Date Updated: 03/23/2018
  3. Support Plan for 3DVision Products Following the posting of the final driver from Release 418 in April 2019, GeForce Game Ready Drivers will no longer support NVIDIA 3D Vision. The NVIDIA support team will continue to address critical... Date Updated: 03/08/2019
  4. Collecting a full memory dump in Windows 10 Some bugs are very specific to a users configuration which makes it difficult or impossible for our QA team to reproduce.  In such cases, NVIDIA Customer Care may request that you provide a full... Date Updated: 03/05/2018
  5. My GeForce NOW app is not updating to the latest version. How can I fix that? If your app is not updating to the latest version you manually download it for Mac or for PC . SHIELD users should go to their Google Play store settings and ensure they update automatically . Date Updated: 07/10/2018
  6. Why does my graphics card run hot? Graphics card temperatures typically range from 40°C to 90°C.  Performance class graphics cards can reach high temperatures under heavy load.  The heatsink and fan assemblies on the... Date Updated: 01/09/2009
  7. If I am using a DVI-to-HDMI cable will audio be transmitted over this cable to the 3D TV? The audio can be carried over DVI to HDMI cable depending on the graphics card. For newer GPUs, you just need to set the HDMI audio device in the Windows Sound control panel. Older GPUs need to use a... Date Updated: 10/21/2010
  8. How to Set Up Plex Live TV and DVR on SHIELD TV Requirements: A Plex Pass. Visit to purchase a Plex Pass subscription. A SHIELD TV with 32GB or more of free space on internal storage to temporarily cache... Date Updated: 04/08/2018
  9. GeForce Hotfix Driver Version 397.55 This is GeForce Hot Fix driver version 397.55 that addresses the following: - After driver installation, Device Manager may report Code 43 error on a few GTX 1060 cards models. - Netflix... Date Updated: 05/03/2018
  10. I own an Adaptive-Sync monitor that is not on your G-SYNC Compatible list. Can I enable variable refresh rate anyways? If you have a G-SYNC Compatible  Adaptive Sync monitor, variable refresh rate will be enabled automatically following the installation of R417.71 or later drivers on system that meets the system... Date Updated: 04/16/2019
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