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  1. Because of the structural changes made between these versions, the Elemental Technologies RapiHD Accelerator 1.0 plug-in which was originally launched for CS version 4.0.0 is not... Date Updated: 04/15/2010
  2. Date Updated: 02/17/2017
  3. -15 errors are network licensing errors. The issue is probably one of the following - · The lmadmin service may not be running. o Try to access FlexNet Publisher by navigating to localhost:8090 in... Date Updated: 03/06/2017
  4.   This can happen if your payment has been flagged by fraud, either by our payment system or your credit card provider. Please check if your credit card company has put a hold on your... Date Updated: 02/04/2020
  5. Highlights captured on one system are not compatible with the other due to incompatible standards.  As an alternative, VLC version 3.0 or later may be used on either system, but you may still... Date Updated: 06/11/2019
  6. As of February 2017, the Amazon Video app is supported in the US, UK, Germany, and Austria. Support for additional countries will be announced as they come available. Date Updated: 02/03/2017
  7. Unplug monitor, wait 4 secs and plug back in monitor.  Do not use Dynamic Contrast setting with 3D mode. Date Updated: 01/28/2009
  8. After you have launched a game, you may see in-game messages that the game needs to be patched. This happens on the rare occasion when our automatic patching system is still in process of updating... Date Updated: 06/14/2017
  9. Description A VM might acquire a license for NVIDIA Virtual GPU software after a remote desktop session has connected to the VM. In this situation, some licensed features and capabilities are not... Date Updated: 06/12/2019
  10. SHIELD Portable is the world’s first multi-platform gaming handheld, designed for the next-gen gamer who just loves to play games, whenever and wherever.   SHIELD Portable combines the... Date Updated: 01/25/2017
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