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  1. Installing the Badaboom media conversion software on a system utlizing NVIDIA Optimus technology may produce the following error message stating that the GPU is not detected. This is... Date Updated: 12/03/2010
  2. NVIDIA is aware that some customers have reported fan speed issues after installing 196.75 drivers from NVIDIA's website. NVIDIA has removed these drivers and asked its partners to also remove the... Date Updated: 03/24/2011
  3. nVidia 3D vision support was added on to the projectors manufactured on or after August 2010. Early units do not support NVIDIA 3D Vision. Please contact your local Optoma office for details or visit... Date Updated: 07/20/2010
  4. NVIDIA Quadro as well as Quadro CX supports nView in Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.  Please note that the GeForce series supports nView only in Windows XP. Date Updated: 12/04/2012
  5. Yes, Blu-ray 3D is supported with 3D Vision Surround.  The movie will only appear on the middle screen.    Date Updated: 08/10/2010
  6. Try running the "Test Stereoscopic 3D" application from NVIDIA Control Panel. It should make the flashing/dim desktop go away.  This is a bug we're aware of and will be fixed upon release... Date Updated: 09/15/2010
  7. SHIELD Portable is the world’s first multi-platform gaming handheld, designed for the next-gen gamer who just loves to play games, whenever and wherever.   SHIELD Portable combines the... Date Updated: 01/25/2017
  8. If an OTA update on a SHIELD Tablet and Portable device fails to install, it may be due to the download of the OTA image becoming corrupted. One way to resolve this is to delete the local data for... Date Updated: 01/23/2017
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