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  1. GeForce FX GPUs are supported from the ForceWare Release 95 driver.  This product is end-of-life. GeForce 4 products do not meet the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 7 / Vista... Date Updated: 04/15/2010
  2. -For single monitor and mobile systems 64MB of graphics memory to support up to and between 1280x1024* 128MB of graphics memory to support up to and between 1920x1200 256MB of graphics... Date Updated: 04/15/2010
  3. NVIDIA has announced the discontinuation of the following NVIDIA DualTV products, effective March 1, 2007:   Product... Date Updated: 04/16/2010
  4. NVIDIA nForce drivers for Windows Vista do not contain support for 3rd party AC97 and HD Audio Codecs.  Users will need to utilize the driver within the Vista Operating System or install drivers from... Date Updated: 05/09/2007
  5. Microsoft has released a Vista patch that addresses performance and compatiblity issues for a large number of games and applications. Please see the following web page for more details... Date Updated: 11/29/2012
  6. When you try to install Windows Vista, you cannot select the Upgrade option. Also, receive the following error message in the Install Windows dialog box: Upgrade has been disabled - Windows cannot... Date Updated: 05/09/2007
  7. Please check to see if your motherboard supports Game Port or Midi functions. Midi and Game Port functions which are not supported by Windows Vista.  Please disable these functions in your... Date Updated: 05/09/2007
  8. Audio may be distorted when Vista tries to detect the signal feed and scan channels during TV tuner set-up, with a set-top box connected to the tuner card via SVIDEO+RCA audio cable. Audio will work... Date Updated: 05/21/2007
  9. Troubleshooting iTunes for Windows Vista video playback performance Some customers using computers containing NVIDIA nForce Serial ATA (SATA)... Date Updated: 06/18/2007
  10. Date Updated: 11/05/2007
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