Quadro NVS 420 and Quadro NVS 450 monitor compatibility

Updated 09/29/2021 09:54 AM

I would like to purchase an NVIDIA Quadro NVS 420 or Quadro NVS 450 to drive four separate monitors to provide me with a quad monitor desktop in Windows. What type of monitor configurations will the Quadro NVS 420 or the Quadro NVS 450 support?

The NVIDIA Quadro NVS 420 and the Quadro NVS 450 are part of our award-winning NVIDIA Quadro® NVS family. With support for up to four separate monitors, the Quadro NVS 420 and the Quadro NVS 450 both a business standard for multi-display desktop graphics.

Both the Quadro NVS 420 features a Very High Density Cable Interconnect (VHDCI) and the Quadro NVS 450 is equipped with quad Display Port connectors to simplify connection of up to four DisplayPort or DVI displays. Quadro NVS 420 can be ordered with VHDCI to quad DVI-D Single Link or VHDCI to Quad DisplayPort. Quadro NVS 450 owners can also purchase an optional DisplayPort to Single Link DVI adapter cables. This allows you to connect up to four DVI monitors. The images below provide an example of each of the cables used with the Quadro NVS family.

For more information on the Quadro NVS family or to order accessories for the Quadro NVS family, please visit PNY's store from www.pny.com.

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