GeForce 6800/6600 GT: Slow performance with World of Warcraft in SLI mode

Updated 02/08/2012 04:27 PM

Why is the game World of Warcraft performing slowly in SLI mode when I updated World of Warcraft software patch?

This is not an NVIDIA bug, but instead the result of a recent patch for World of Warcraft to reduce mouse lag on slower computers by synchronizing the GPU(s). This change is unnecessary for NVIDIA users, and particularly for users with SLI configurations.

For optimal performance when playing World of Warcraft in SLI mode:

  • Disable vertical sync within the game's video options
  • Enable "hardware mouse acceleration" and disable "smooth mouse" within the game's video options

       Note: "Smooth mouse" reduces mouse lag when the frame rate is low and "hardware mouse" is disabled


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