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Updated 04/23/2010 06:03 PM

Which NVIDIA based graphics cards support dual displays?

NVIDIA provides top to bottom graphic solutions for every type of consumer from desktop, mobile and workstation user.  NVIDIA manufactures graphic chips however does not manufacture the graphic cards.  NVIDIA products are offered in a wide variety of platforms and configurations from several or our add-in board partners and OEM's.  These companies sell their graphic cards to consumers through retailers or as part of computer systems sold directly through system builders.  Board configurations vary by manufacturer and therefore, multi-monitor support varies by the maker of the card. 

Presently, all of our current Geforce and Quadro family of GPU's (Graphics Processing Unit) supports dual monitors.  However, in order to support dual monitors, the graphics card must include two ports to allow two monitors to be connected to the PC or Macintosh.  The only exceptions are older Quadro NVS GPUs which includes a special type of video connector called a DMS connector which carries a video signal for two monitors.  The DMS connector hooks up to a special Y cable which splits to dual VGA or dual DVI.  This cable will not work with standard graphic card's DVI or VGA port.  Therefore standard graphic cards that do not have the special DMS port will not be able to send out two separate display signals to two different monitors.  Before purchasing a graphics card, please check with the board manufacturer to verify dual monitor support is supported by their graphics card.


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