Patching in GeForce NOW

Updated 01/21/2022 02:58 PM

Patching in GeForce NOW


Patching in GeForce NOW

Patching is the process of making changes to a game or its supporting data to update, fix or improve it.

It typically takes a few minutes, sometimes longer for a game to patch on GeForce NOW.

When a developer releases a new version of a game, work is done on the backend of GeForce NOW to download that patch, replicate each bit to all of our storage systems, test for the proper security features, and finally copy it back onto all of our data centers worldwide, becoming available for gamers.

GeForce NOW handles this entire process so gamers and developers can focus on, well, gaming and developing.

Different Types of Patching 

Three types of patching occur on GeForce NOW:

  • On-seat patching allows you to play your game as-is while the patch is downloading in the background. Meaning you’re always game ready.
  • Offline patching happens for games that don’t support on-seat patching. Our automated software system downloads the patch on the backend then updates. Offline patching can take minutes to hours.
  • Distributed patching is a quicker type of patching. Specific bits are downloaded and installed, instead of the entire game (100 GB or so). We then finish updating and copy them onto the server. Typically this takes 30 minutes or less.

GeForce NOW continues to work with game developers requesting patch updates before releasing on PC, allowing for real-time preparations in the cloud, resulting in zero wait for gamers,

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