How does NVIDIA set max frame rates for games on GeForce NOW for Priority members?

Updated 12/22/2021 08:10 AM
How does NVIDIA set max frame rates for games on GeForce NOW for Priority members?

GeForce NOW’s default settings are fine-tuned to optimize game performance, graphics and streaming quality for different membership types based on the cloud gaming rigs they connect to. These default settings are called Optimal Playable Settings (OPS). In most games, Priority members are able to override the default OPS with custom settings on a session-to-session basis. 
For our Priority Members, the maximum frames rendered per second is generally set to 60, or higher, for most of the 1,100+ games we’ve onboarded so far. There are some exceptions that we determined do not run well enough at 60 FPS on the GPUs used by Priority members. So the default OPS for these specific graphics-intensive games cannot be overridden. This is to ensure all Priority members are running a consistent, high-quality experience. However, we do continue to stream these games at 60 FPS. 
The graphics-intensive games are listed below with their default OPS, and the date they were added or updated:
Game OPS Date added
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 60 FPS December 2020
Biomutant 75 FPS May 2021
Jurassic World Evolution 60 FPS February 2021
Kenshi 60 FPS May 2021
Path of Exile 50 FPS March 2021
Cyberpunk 2077 45 FPS December 2020
Cyberpunk 2077 60 FPS December 8th, 2021
Outriders 55 FPS March 2021
Outriders 60 FPS November 24, 2021
Valheim 50 FPS February 2021
Valheim 60 FPS November 24, 2021
Dauntless * 55 FPS Jan 2020
Dying Light * 50 FPS June 2021
Dyson Sphere Program * 50 FPS February 2021
Immortals Fenyx Rising * 48 FPS November 2020
* Dauntless, Dyling Light, Dyson Sphere Program & Immortals Fenyx Rising were incorrectly added to this list.
We are always monitoring game performance and community feedback. We'll continue to evaluate OPS for these titles and, when possible, change them to ensure the best experience for our members. Any changes to this list will be updated in this FAQ.

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