How can I set up my Android device with my GeForce NOW RTX 3080 Membership?

Updated 06/21/2022 08:19 AM
How can I set up my Android device with my GeForce NOW RTX 3080 Membership?

This article is a guide to help GeForce NOW RTX 3080 members set up their Android device for the best streaming experience.

For other platforms, please view these other guides:


Regional Availability

Before you get started, make sure to check the regional availability website to ensure GeForce NOW RTX 3080 memberships are available in your country. Note that we also require your latency to be less than 80ms from an NVIDIA data center, but we recommend less than 40ms. Please make sure you have run our in-app network test to measure your latency. We do not recommend using Speedtest, or other internet speed test services, as they do not test your speed to our data centers. 

Internet Speed Requirements 

GeForce NOW requires at least 15mbps for streaming at 720p and 60/120 FPS, or 25mbp at 1080p and 60/120 FPS. We also recommend a 5GHz wireless router. 

Maximum Resolution and Frames Per Second

With a RTX 3080 membership, the maximum streaming resolution and frames per second on Android phones is 1920x1080 and 120 FPS.  

Hardware Requirements

120 FPS streaming will require a phone that supports 120Hz. The following devices have been fully tested by NVIDIA to stream at 120 FPS:

Samsung S22/S22+/S22 Ultra models:
SM-S901U, SM-S901U1, SM-S901W, SM-S901N, SM-S9010, SM-S901E, SM-S906U, SM-S906U1, SM-S906W, SM-S906N, SM-S9060, SM-S906E, SM-S908U, SM-S908U1, SM-S908W, SM-S908N, SM-S9080, SM-S908E

Samsung S21/S21+/S21 Ultra models:
SM-G991U, SM-G991U1, SM-G9910, SM-G996U, SM-G996U1, SM-G9960, SM-G998U, SM-G998U1, SM-G9980

Galaxy Z Fold 3 models:
SM-F926B, SM-F926U, SM-F926U1, SM-F926W, SM-F9260, SM-F926N

Galaxy Flip 3 models:
SM-F711B, SM-F711N, SM-F711U, SM-F711U1, SM-F711W

Samsung Note20 Ultra 5G models:
SM-N986U, SM-N986U1, SM-N986W, SM-N9860, SM-N986N

Samsung S20 FE EG models:
SM-G781B , SM-G781U, SM-G781U1, SM-G781W, SM-G7810, SM-G781N

ASUS ROG 5 Series models:
ASUS_I005D, ASUS_I005DA, ASUS_I005DB, ASUS_I005DC, ZS673KS, ZS676KS, ZS673KS-1A079IN, ZS673KS-1B048IN, ZS673KS-1B063IN

Google Pixel model:
Pixel 6 Pro

One Plus 9 Pro models:
LE2121, LE2125, LE2123, LE2120, LE2127

Xiaomi Mi 11 models:
M2011K2C, M2011K2G, M2102K1G, M2102K1C, M2102K1AC

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra model:

Galaxy Tab S8/S8+/S8 Ultra models:
SM-X700, SM-X706, SM-X706B, SM-X706U, SM-X706N, SM-X800, SM-X806, SM-X806B, SM-X806U, SM-X806N, SM-X900, SM-X906, SM-X906B, SM-X906U, SM-X906N

Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ models:
SM-T870, SM-T875, SM-T876B, SM-T970, SM-T976B

If your phone supports 120Hz and is not supported in our app, please use in-app feedback to send us your phone information.

System Settings

Some phone’s factory settings are not set to 120Hz. You may need to adjust your phone’s display to 120Hz. Samsung has a support article detailing how to do this. For other manufacturers, please consult your phone’s user guide.

GeForce NOW Streaming Settings

Now that your system is ready for 120 FPS, you must manually enable 120 FPS mode in the GeForce NOW app. Launch the app and go to Settings > GeForce NOW > Stream quality.

You will need to adjust the resolution to match your phone, and you must set the frame rate to 120 FPS.


Customized In-Game Graphics Setting

NVIDIA has optimized our most popular games for streaming at 120 FPS. For these games, we automatically set the best in-game graphics settings: You should not need to change any settings to get the best experience.  

However, you are free to change settings if you feel doing so provides you with a better streaming experience. We have provided a new feature that lets you save your own in-game graphics settings for each game. If you disable it, our recommended values will be applied.

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