Change in HD Audio Design with NVIDIA HDAudio v1.3.38.60

Updated 09/29/2021 01:16 PM

Change in HD Audio Design with NVIDIA HDAudio v1.3.38.60

NVIDIA HDA audio has undergone a design change in version This can result in loss of audio when updating to version or later. This applies when updating to the following driver versions:

  • R455 version 458.30
  • R460 version 462.53
  • R465 version 466.33

This issue does not occur after updating from any of these versions or later.

A design change in the NVIDIA HD Audio driver version has resulted in the need for Windows to reestablish the audio endpoint. Consequently, Windows detects all NVIDIA audio devices (audio-capable monitors and receivers connected to the NVIDIA GPU) as new devices.

Because the Windows policy is to set a new audio device as the default endpoint, the default audio device might change from the previously used headphones or speakers to monitors connected to the NVIDIA GPU.

Users can switch back to a preferred default audio device by clicking the volume icon on the Windows taskbar and then selecting the preferred playback device..

The new design only effect users upgrading from an older driver to or later. Once the update is made, future updates will not require resetting the audio playback device.

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