Unable to launch Vulkan apps/game on notebooks with AMD Radeon iGPUs

Updated 04/01/2021 04:26 PM
Unable to launch apps on notebooks with AMD Radeon iGPUs

Apps/games that use the Vulkan API may not launch on some notebooks using an NVIDIA GPU as the dedicated GPU and AMD Radeon integrated GPU.
1. Check if there is a newer AMD Radeon GPU driver for your notebook.  If so, proceed to update the driver.
2. If updating the driver does not solve the issue, follow the steps below as a workaround.
     a. Press the Windows key on your keyboard to bring up the Windows search
     b. Type "Advanced System Settings" to bring up the Advanced System Settings app.  Select "View advanced system settings" as shown below.  
     c. This will bring up the Advanced tab inside of the System Properties.  Select the Environment Variables as shown below.    
     d. From the System variables section, select the "New.." button.  Fill in the field Variable name: with the text “DISABLE_LAYER_AMD_SWITCHABLE_GRAPHICS_1” and Variable value: with "1" as shown below.  Then press the OK button. 
     e. Select OK once more to close the Environment Variables window.           

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