What is the Epic Account Linking feature on GeForce NOW?

Updated 10/05/2021 01:55 PM

In our latest v2.0.28 release, we have added a new single sign-on feature for Fortnite that lets you play the game without having to log in to your Epic Games Account every time you launch a new Fortnite session on GeForce NOW.

PC, macOS, and Chromebook users can check the My Library row for a notification to Connect your store accounts to GeForce NOW. Clicking this notification will take you to GeForce NOW settings, where you can turn on single sign-on for Fortnite under Connections. Once you have completed this step, you will no longer need to log in to your Epic Account to play Fortnite on any other GeForce NOW platform.

For our Priority and Founders members that have enabled Epic Account Linking, we’re also testing a new feature called pre-loading, which starts loading parts of Fortnite before you have started your game stream, so that your game launch times will be faster by up to a minute from clicking play in GeForce NOW, to when they see the Fortnite in-game lobby.

Members must enable Fortnite single sign-on to get the startup time benefit. We expect a reduction of at least a minute, starting from clicking play in GeForce NOW, to when you see the Fortnite in-game lobby.

Free members are not guaranteed Fortnite pre-loading and may see slightly longer startup times than Priority and Founders members.

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