What is the “Flash Indicator” or “Latency Flash” option in my NVIDIA Reflex-enabled game?

Updated 03/30/2021 04:03 PM

What is the “Flash Indicator” or “Latency Flash” option in my NVIDIA Reflex-enabled game? 

The “Flash Indicator” is to measure end to end system latency with a Reflex Latency Analyzer G-SYNC Display.  The Reflex Latency Analyzer measures end to end system latency by calculating the difference in time between your mouse clicks and a “flash” on screen - often a muzzle flash. The Flash Indicator provides the following benefits: 
1. Clear Indicator - In some games, there is not a flash when the left mouse button is pressed eg. pick swings in Fortnite or Hanzo’s arrows in Overwatch.  In these cases, the latency flash indicator can be used to accurately measure system latency by creating a dependable flash on screen when the user presses their left mouse button.
2. In-Game Measurement - The flash indicator enables players to measure latency while they play instead of in a controlled test.  Since the flash indicator does not move and the intensity of the indicator is strong, players will get dramatically fewer false positives when measuring system latency.
3. Accurate Measurement - The flash indicator does not account for animation delay - giving players a more accurate measurement of system latency.  Animation delay is when your muzzle flash blooms over time or starts a couple frames after the first frame of the animation sequence. With the flash indicator, you will measure the exact frame when your action was registered.
If you have a Reflex Latency Analyzer G-SYNC display, move your monitoring rectangle over the location of the flash indicator and start getting a real time measure of your system responsiveness. 

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