When using GeForce NOW, why don’t I see the correct characters show up when I type on my keyboard?

Updated 09/29/2021 01:13 PM

There are two modes in GeForce NOW for the keyboard layout, auto and manual.

To enable auto mode, select Auto in the dropdown menu. To enable manual mode, select any other item in the dropdown menu. When auto mode is enabled your local keyboard layout is automatically applied on the GeForce NOW server. This includes changes to your keyboard layout in the middle of a game. For example, if you switch from English (Canada) to French (France) the keyboard layout will update to French and allow you to chat in game using the French keyboard layout.

However, there are some limitations, as we cannot currently mirror all keyboard layouts. If you are using an unsupported keyboard layout auto mode will default to another layout suitable for your region, and you may not get the characters you are expecting while typing.

We added manual mode for user that are having trouble getting their layout to work.

When manual mode is enabled the keyboard layout you selected in the dropdown menu will be applied to the GeForce NOW server on your next game launch. We do not track client keyboard changes in manual mode, so the keyboard layout will not change even after you change your local client layout. This does not increase the number of supported keyboard layouts, it simply allows you to pick the layout you are most comfortable with from the supported list.

There are some limitations with languages that require an input method editor, or IME, such as Chinese (Traditional). In this case, we do not mirror your IME setting on the server, instead the default Windows IME is used. We are working on improving this experience.

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