Minecraft RTX: How to join the BETA

Updated 04/16/2020 01:48 PM
How to join the BETA

Players will need to sign up for the Minecraft Windows 10 RTX beta through the Xbox Insider Hub. This beta will be a different option than the standard beta option available through the Xbox Insider Hub (only one option can be selected). Aside from that, players will need to own Minecraft on Windows 10 PC and meet all hardware requirements. Players will automatically be updated to the most recent version of Minecraft by joining. However, any worlds played while in beta cannot be opened in previous versions of the game, so players must make copies of their worlds to ensure they do not lose progress.  
How do I access the beta? 
To access the RTX beta, follow these instructions if you are not currently on a Minecraft Win 10 Beta.
1.    Install the Xbox Insider Hub app on your PC (it is available for free in the Windows Store)
2.    Inside the app, click on the open box icon in the sidebar on the left
3.    On the Insider content screen, you will see a beta available for Minecraft for Windows 10. Click on the Minecraft for Windows 10 beta
4.    Click the “Join” button at the bottom of the screen
5.    On the following pop-up you will see three radio buttons- one will be for Minecraft RTX Beta, one for Minecraft Beta, one for Unenroll. Choose Minecraft RTX Beta, then click Done.
6.    If you have automatic updates on from the Windows Store, Minecraft will automatically update to the latest RTX beta build available.
Please note that any world you open while on the RTX beta will not be available to be opened in the other Minecraft beta OR the non-beta version of the game. We strongly recommend you make a copy of any world you wish to play in the RTX beta and use the copy of the world instead.
If you are already in the Minecraft for Win 10 beta, follow these instructions:
1.    Open the Xbox Insider Hub app
2.    Inside the app, click on the open box icon in the sidebar on the left
3.    On the Insider content screen, you will just see one Minecraft for Win 10 Beta offering under Joined. Click on it.
4.    In this screen, click on Manage.
5.    In the Manage screen, you will have a radio button that will allow you to choose to enroll in the RTX Beta or to Unenroll from the beta program entirely. Select the RTX beta & click on the Done button to the left
6.    You may need to uninstall Minecraft and reinstall it from the store in order to download the RTX beta. Please back up any worlds you wish you keep before uninstalling as otherwise the worlds will be deleted when you uninstall the game. Minecraft saved worlds can be found in  %LOCALAPPDATA%\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\games\com.mojang\minecraftWorlds – each folder within the minecraftWorlds folder is a world. Please save it somewhere on your PC that is not within the Minecraft directory.  You can also export worlds directly from Minecraft to your PC’s desktop.

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