Driver Installation issues on Windows 7

Updated 09/29/2021 01:13 PM


Windows 7 users who do NOT have “SHA2 support patches” from Microsoft may experience below issues during/after NVIDIA driver install.

Issue #1: Error popup that says ‘Windows Can’t verify the publisher of this driver software’

Issue #2: Yellow bang on NVIDIA GPU showing Code 52 error after driver installation.

Issue #3 : GeForce Experience NOT installing the latest downloaded driver/GFE Update.


Install KB4474419 & KB4490628 patches on their Windows 7x64 bit system and reboot the system. These patches will help the ‘Windows 7 operating system’ to recognize SHA2 certificate & fix the issues #1 & #2. Details on these patches are available here : . Note: These patches will install automatically if Windows Updates active/running on your system.

For the issue #3, it is required to manually update the display driver by downloading the latest version from: (in addition to the installation of SHA2 OS patches).

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