CPU usage is at 99% (rscmpt.exe)

Updated 09/29/2021 09:51 AM

After installing the NVIDIA display drivers which came bundled with my graphics card, my CPU usage is at 99%.  The file 'rscmpt.exe' seems to be the cause.  When this file is removed, my total video memory is lower than what it should be.  How do I fix this?

The file "rscmpt.exe" is not part of the NVIDIA Forceware unified driver package.  This file has been found packaged with drivers for other graphic card vendors.  The file doubles the amount of video memory reported by Microsoft Windows and consumes around 99% of a computer's CPU.  We do not know the source of this file but if it was installed on your system, it should be removed.  If your graphics card video memory drops from specs listed by your graphics card manufacturer, please contact the retailer where you purchased your graphics card.

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