Cannot pair SHIELD remote to a different SHIELD in my house

Updated 09/29/2021 01:13 PM

My remote won't pair or stay paired to a different SHIELD in my house

To pair your remote or controller to SHIELD, please follow the instructions on our website

If you have multiple SHIELD devices at home

  • SHIELD remotes and controllers use proximity pairing. If your two SHIELDs are close to each other, it's possible that one SHIELD is unintentionally pairing to your remote. If this is happening, try unplugging the SHIELD you are NOT trying to pair to and repeat the pairing process.

If you are pairing a remote or controller bundled with your SHIELD to a different SHIELD device

  • Bundled accessories are auto paired to the SHIELD device they are shipped with. The accessory will automatically pair with that device when available, even if the accessory has successfully paired with a different SHIELD
  • To disable the auto pairing feature follow these steps
    • Make sure your SHIELD is upgrades to SHIELD Experience Upgrade 8.0.2 or higher.
    • On your SHIELD enable "Developer mode" by going to Settings > Device preferences > About, and selecting "Build" 7 times
    • Enter Developer options from Device preferences, and enable the switch labelled "Disable bundled SHIELD accessories auto pair"

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