I am a GFN.RU customer and I am having problems logging into the GeForce NOW app. How do I fix that?

Updated 09/29/2021 02:43 PM

If you are using GeForce NOW through our GeForce NOW Alliance Partner, GFN.RU, you will need to have both a GFN.RU account and an NVIDIA.COM account. You must always begin a game session by clicking on “Log in with GFN.RU” within the GFN app.

Members that already have NVIDIA.COM accounts in Russia need to link their GFN.RU and NVIDIA.COM accounts. You will only need to do this process once:

  • Sign up for a GFN.RU account
  • After logging into the GFN.RU account, you will see a screen to log in with your NVIDIA.COM account. You should log in to your NVIDIA.com account at this point. (Note: if you don’t remember your password, you may reset your password now.)
  • If you haven’t verified your NVIDIA.com email address, you will need to do so before the accounts can be linked.

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