Stuck in Login Loop with the NVIDIA License or Support Portal

Updated 10/28/2019 01:02 PM

Stuck in Login Loop with the NVIDIA License or Support Portal

The NVIDIA Application Hub may have two or more buttons, depending on which portals you have registered.  Below is an example of the NVIDIA Application Hub:

To access the NVIDIA Application Hub, you need to click on the following link:

The NVIDIA Application Hub is used to switch between your registered portals.
If you click on the link above, it may automatically log you into the NVIDIA Licensing Portal or the ENTERPRISE SUPPORT Portal.  If this occurs, you will not be able to access your other portals because you will not be able to access the NVIDIA Application Hub.
Follow instructions below for the portal you are automatically logging into, to resolve this issue  

NVIDIA Licensing Portal

  1. While logged into the NVIDIA Licensing Portal, click on Your Profile under Administration
  1. An UPDATE PROFILE form appears, click on Your Profile and select Default Site
  1. Under DEFAULT SITE click on NONE, then click on UPDATE

Enterprise Support Portal

  1. While logged into Enterprise Support Portal, click on NVIDIA ENTERPRISE SUPPORT link
  1. Click on Account Administrator and select Default Site
  1. Select NONE, then click on UPDATE
After following these instructions you should now be able to log into whichever portal you are registered with by using the NVIDIA Application Hub, or dashboard.


Applies to:

  • GRID
  • DGX
  • NVIDIA Software License Portal
  • Enterprise Support Portal
  • NPN Partner Portal


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