Match content frame rate on SHIELD TV (2019)

Updated 09/29/2021 02:36 PM

Match content frame rate on SHIELD TV

The latest SHIELD Experience adds a beta feature allowing users to set their display frame rate to match the content. For most users, this feature is not needed, however, if you are sensitive to judders caused by mismatched frame rates, this feature may help.

This feature is available for all SHIELD TV, but requires new SHIELD TV remote or the SHIELD TV mobile app available on the Google Play Store or iOS App store.

This feature is in beta and may cause stability issues or may not be available on certain apps.


  • Add Match frame rate(beta) setting to Quick settings (Settings > Device preferences > System > Customize Quick Settings)
  • Launch app and begin playing video
  • Press the Setting button to access Quick settings (video must be visible in the background)
  • Select Match frame rate(beta)

You may see brief screen blanking as your display refresh rate becomes adjusted. Your display refresh rate will automatically be reverted once playback has stopped.


  • PLEX and KODI already support automatic frame rate matching on SHIELD. This feature should not be used with those apps
  • Match Frame Rate can be assigned to be used with the customizable settings button. This should be used
  • If you use this feature frequently
  • If an app does not allow video playback when Quick settings is displayed
  • When watching Live TV content (YouTube TV, Sling, etc) commercials may be played at a different refresh rate than the video, causing the display refresh rate to be refreshed

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