Testing networks speeds on SHIELD TV

Updated 09/29/2021 02:33 PM

How can I test network speeds on SHIELD TV?

Iperf has is a useful tool to determine how fast your SHIELD is connecting to your router. This will indicate the maximum speed your SHIELD can transfer data through your local network. In practice, your network speed will be affected by many factors including your ISP and the content provider.


From your SHIELD

  • Download and install the iPerf apk on your SHIELD
  • Run the app (Settings -> Apps -> Magic iPerf)
  • Set the server to iPerf3 mode with the default settings "-s -i 1"
  • Start the server
From your PC
  • Connect a PC via ethernet to the same router/switch your SHIELD is connected to (if you are connecting to your SHIELD over wi-fi, this should be the wi-fi router)
  • Download iPerf on your PC
  • In a windows command terminal ("cmd") run iPerf with the following
  • iperf3 -c <SHIELD IP ADDRESS> -i 1 -t 600

Your SHIELD will report network speeds it is recieving from your PC. If your PC and Router support gigabit ethernet and your SHIELD is connected to your router, you should be seeing close to 1Gb/sec.

Additional things that may affect network speed

  1. 1. PC or SHIELD connected via wifi

  2. 2. PC or SHIELD connected through multiple switches/hubs

  3. 3. Network adapter speed on PC

  4. 4. Cable quality

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