What is AI-Enhanced Upscaling?

Updated 08/26/2020 03:41 PM
What is AI-Enhanced Upscaling?

Using the power from the latest NVIDIA Tegra X1+ processor, AI-enhanced upscaling will upscale YUV video from 360P to 1440P up to 4K using the power of AI. For most HD video content on top apps like Netflix and Prime Video, users can expect to see crisper, clearer, video than what is achieved with basic upscaling.

As of SHIELD TV Experience 8.2, the following modes are supported:
  • SHIELD TV (2019) will upscale 360P to 1440P @ 30FPS
  • SHIELD TV Pro (2019) will upscale 360P to 1080P @ 60FPS
  • SHIELD TV Pro (2019) will upscale 1440p @ 30FPS

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