How to enable 30-bit color/10-bit per color on Quadro/GeForce?

Updated 08/20/2019 07:10 AM
How to enable 30-bit color/10-bit per color?

When connected to a 30-bit capable monitor on Quadro GPU with driver version 430.39 and Windows 10 RS4 onwards, option would be populated for enabling 30-bit support in NVCPL. User must select desktop color depth SDR 30-bit color along with 10/12 output bpc as shown in image below:
For GeForce this support has started from NVIDA studio driver 431.70 or higher version.
To enable 30 bit on GeForce which don’t have dedicated UI for desktop color depth, user has to select deep color in NVCPL and driver would switch to 30 bit format.

Q: I have 10/12 bit display/ TV but I am not able to select 10/12 bpc in output color depth drop down even after selecting use NVIDIA settings on change resolution page.
A: 10/12 bpc need more bandwidth compared to default 8bpc, so there would be cases where we are out of bandwidth to populate 10/12 bpc on NVIDIA control panel.  One typical case is using HDMI HDR TV which are capable of 10/12bpc but due to Bandwidth limitation of HDMI 2.0 higher color depths are not possible with4k@60hz. To accommodate such cases you can try lowering refresh rate or lowering resolution to get those options.
Q: I have HDMI TV connected, I have lowered the resolution but cannot see 10bpc even though 12 bpc is available.
A: NVIDA GPUs for HDMI do not support 10bpc, you can use 12 bpc to enable 30-bit color.

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