NVIDIA Highlights now available in GeForce NOW

Updated 09/29/2021 01:10 PM

NVIDIA Highlights now available in GeForce NOW

With NVIDIA Highlights, your key moments, clutch kills, and match wins are automatically captured for you within supported games. NVIDIA Highlights on GeForce NOW is supported for games like Fortnite, PUBG, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and more.

How do I enable NVIDIA Highlights on GeForce NOW?

What are the Highlights keyboard shortcuts?

What games on GeForce NOW support Highlights?

What type of capture features does Highlights support?

What video format does NVIDIA Highlights use?

Does Highlights work on GeForce NOW for SHIELD TV?

Where are the Highlights videos and screenshots stored?

Can I change the location of my Highlights Gallery to store videos to a cloud drive?

I am using Highlights and I experiencing degraded game streaming performance. How do I fix that?

I am using a system with GeForce Experience and GeForce NOW installed and I am activating both In-Game Overlays at the same time. How do I fix that?

Why will the Highlights I captured on my Windows system using GeForce NOW not play well or at all on my macOS system, or vice versa?

Why are the Highlights I captured on GeForce NOW changing resolution during video playback?

Is there a limit to how many videos of screenshots I can create with Highlights on GeForce NOW?

I am using QuickTime Player on macOS to watch NVIDIA Highlights captured at higher than 60fps. Why does video appear in slow motion?

I am running Windows, with multiple language keyboards installed, and sometimes I am having trouble bringing up the Highlights in-game overlay (IGO). How do I fix this?

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