I own an Adaptive-Sync monitor that is not on your G-SYNC Compatible list. Can I enable variable refresh rate anyways?

Updated 09/29/2021 02:00 PM

I own an Adaptive Sync monitor that is not on your G-SYNC Compatible list. Can I enable variable refresh rate anyways?

If you have a G-SYNC Compatible Adaptive Sync monitor, variable refresh rate will be enabled automatically following the installation of R417.71 or later drivers on system that meets the system requirements.

Please note: Some Adaptive Sync monitors will ship with the variable refresh rate setting set to disabled. Consult with the user manual for your monitor to confirm the Adaptive Sync setting is enabled. Also some monitors may have the DisplayPort mode set to DisplayPort 1.1 for backwards compatibility. The monitor must be configured as a DisplayPort 1.2 or higher to support Adaptive Sync.

If your Adaptive Sync monitor isn’t listed as a G-SYNC Compatible monitor, you can enable the tech manually from the NVIDIA Control Panel. It may work, it may work partly, or it may not work at all. To give it a try:

  1. 1. Connect the monitor to your GeForce GTX 10-Series or higher graphics card using a DisplayPort cable.

  2. 2. Enable the Variable Refresh Rate functionality of your display by using the monitor's controls and On-Screen Display. If needed, also check that DisplayPort 1.2 or higher is enabled.

  3. 3. From within Windows, open the NVIDIA Control Panel -> select "Set up G-SYNC" from the left column -> check the "Enable settings for the selected display model" box, and finally click on the Apply button on the bottom right to confirm your settings.

If the above isn't available, or isn't working, you may need to go to "Manage 3D Settings", click the "Global" tab, scroll down to "Monitor Technology", select "G-SYNC Compatible" in the drop down, and then click "Apply". Additionally, you may need to go to "Change Resolution" on the left nav and apply a higher refresh rate, or different resolution

For the best gaming experience we recommend NVIDIA G-SYNC and G-SYNC Ultimate monitors: those with G-SYNC processors that have passed over over 300 compatibility and quality tests, and feature a full refresh rate range from 1Hz to the display panel’s max refresh rate, plus other advantages like variable overdrive, refresh rate overclocking, ultra low motion blur display modes, and industry-leading HDR with 1000 nits, full matrix backlight and DCI-P3 color.

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