GeForce NOW on SHIELD - Microphone Support FAQ

Updated 09/29/2021 01:09 PM

What types of headsets mics are supported on SHIELD to use mic?

SHIELD supports a headset with mic connected directly into the 3.5mm audio connector on a SHIELD controller or using the mic built directly into the controller.

What are the recommended wireless accessories for GeForce NOW on SHIELD TV?

NVIDIA has tested and recommends these wireless accessories for use with GeForce NOW on SHIELD TV.

What wireless headsets can I use on SHIELD TV with GeForce NOW?

At this time we do not support USB or Bluetooth wireless headsets on SHIELD TV with GeForce NOW.

Can I use a bluetooth headset on SHIELD TV with GeForce NOW?

Like other gaming consoles, SHIELD TV does not support mic on Bluetooth headsets due to latency/audio issues with the standard Bluetooth protocol.

My USB Headset isn’t connecting reliably to my SHIELD TV.

At this time we do not support using USB headsets on SHIELD TV with GeForce NOW.

When I try to play a game I see a message that NVIDIA Games app is requesting to record my audio on SHIELD TV when I play a game on GeForce NOW. Is NVIDIA listening to all my conversations?

This Android TV prompt is displayed when any app uses the mic. The NVIDIA Games app only transmits mic audio to in-game chat services and does record or store any audio.

Can I use multiple headsets on SHIELD TV to do voice chat on GeForce NOW?

No. Only one headset is supported.

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