PUBG Mobile on SHIELD TV: Keyboard/Mouse Controls

Updated 09/29/2021 01:09 PM

PUBG Mobile on SHIELD TV requires a mouse and keyboard be connected.

Below is the complete list of all keyboard/mouse controls.

Below is the complete list of all keyboard/mouse controls.
Keyboard Mapper Shortcuts
Show Help Screen Alt + F3
Toggle Mouse Pointer/Look Mode -Look: Aim -Pointer: Inventory, Looting, Menus Alt
Toggle Keyboard Overlay Alt + F2
Move W/A/S/D
Crouch C
Prone Z
Jump/Vault Space
Auto Run L Shift
Leave Plane F
Open Chute Mouse L Click
Swim up E
Swim down C
Shoot Mouse L Click
Aim Down Sights (ADS) Mouse R Click
Reload R
Toggle Firing Mode B
Equip Primary 1
Equip Secondary 2
Equip Pistol 3
Equip Grenade/Secondary G
- Change Throw Posture Mouse R Click
Invert Mouse Look Ctrl + F4
Map M
Inventory Tab
Open crate F1
Pickup 1st item (on ground) 6
Pickup 2nd item (on ground) 7
Use med 0
Open med list 9
Pick up downed teammate F
Open/Close doors F
Enter/Exit vehicle F
Accelerate W
Brake S
Steer A/D
Boost Mouse L Click
Honk Horn Space
Pitch up (motorcycle only) E
Pitch down (motorcycle only) C

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