Create Channels for KODI on SHIELD Experience 7.0

Updated 09/29/2021 01:08 PM

KODI users can now create customized channels on the homescreen using "Smart playlists"

Minimum Requirements:

  • SHIELD Experience 7.0
  • KODI v18

Quick setup instructions:

  1. Create a new smart playlist
    1. Videos > Playlist > New smart playlist
  2. Create "new rule" based on desired channel content (your playlist can consist of multiple rules)
  3. After creating your rules, select "OK" and name your playlist
  4. From the Android TV homescreen, add your new playlists and channels
    1. Customise Channels> Kodi > [Select playlists]


  • You may need to restart SHIELD for new channels to become available
  • Up to 20 tiles may be available for any given channel
  • For more ideas on how to customize your channel, read this kodi forum
  • To learn more about KODI smart playlists, read this wiki article

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