End of Support for Select NVIDIA Quad-buffered Stereo Features

Updated 09/29/2021 01:08 PM

Which quad-buffered stereo features will no longer be supported after Release 390?


Driver Release 390 is the last release of the NVIDIA Professional Drivers for Windows to support select quad-buffered stereo features.


Beginning with Driver Release 396, NVIDIA Professional Drivers for Windows will no longer support the following quad-buffered stereo features:

  • 3D DLP and Tridelity stereo display modes User interface and NVAPI access will be removed.
  • NVAPI-based DirectX Stereo on Windows 10
    • The following APIs will be deprecated:
      • NvAPI_D3D1x_CreateSwapChain ()
      • NvAPI_D3D9_CreateSwapChain ()

      Swapchains created via these APIs will return the error code "NVAPI_NOT_SUPPORTED," when using Windows 10.

    • When an application using the unsupported NVAPI is recompiled, the NVAPI functions will be linked (i.e., the NVAPI interface level will remain the same) but will return the error code, "NVAPI_NOT_SUPPORTED."
    • To continue using quad-buffered stereo, developers must switch to the Microsoft native (DXGI) stereo APIs.
  • 3D Vision Pro option on the Dell M6700 laptop running Windows 10 Anniversary Update and newer

NVIDIA intends to support critical driver security fixes until January 2019. For more details on product security, see http://www.nvidia.com/security.

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