SHIELD TV - Google Assistant Things To Try

Updated 09/29/2021 01:07 PM

What Can I Do With Google Assistant on SHIELD TV?

Start by asking your Google Assistant: "What can you do?"

Things to Try:

Find TV Shows, Movies, Actors, and Music

  • “Find romantic comedies from the 90s”

  • “What’s the latest Imagine Dragons Album” > “Play it on Spotify”

  • “Search for sitcoms on Netflix”

  • Who plays the mother of dragons?”

  • “Show me TV shows about football”

  • “Show me movies about climbing Mount Everest”

Play Shows or Music

  • “Play Stranger Things”

  • “Play Game of Thrones on HBO”

  • “Play The Simpsons on Hulu”

  • “Play Pentatonix”

  • “Play Swish Swish by Katy Perry on YouTube”

  • “Play Coldplay videos”

  • “Play some Jazz music in the kitchen”

  • Also try “Pause” or “Play” and “Next Song” or “Previous Song” *

*Not all apps supported at this time

Control Playback on HBO Now, Spotify, Sling TV, Kodi, and more*

  • “Rewind 5 minutes” or “Fast Forward 10 minutes”

  • “Play from the beginning” or “Rewind to the beginning”

*Not all apps supported at this time

Open Apps

  • “Open Netflix”

  • “Open my Nest Camera”

Get Answers

Get answers on sports, weather, finance, calculations, and more.

  • “How are the Niners doing this year?”

  • “When do the Dodgers play next?”

  • “Who is Abraham Lincoln?”

  • “How hot is it outside?”

  • “NVIDIA stock price”

  • “How’s my commute to work?”

Share Your Photos

  • “Show me my pictures from Egypt”

  • “Show pictures with Connor from last weekend”

Control Your Smart Home

  • “Turn on the bedroom lights”

  • “Change the temperature to 72 degrees”

  • “Activate the morning routine”

Order an Uber or a Pizza, Go Shopping, Make a Dinner Reservation, and More

  • “Talk to Tender” > “Manhattan” > “Email recipe”
  • “Book a reservation at Alexander’s Steakhouse in San Francisco”
  • *“Shop for Maraschino Cherries”

  • *“Ask Uber for a Ride”

  • *“Ask Dominos to order a pizza”

Turn your SHIELD and TV off*

  • “Turn off” or “Turn off TV”

*Enable your TV to turn off with SHIELD in Settings > Display & Sound > Power Control > CEC TV off.

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