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Updated 09/29/2021 01:07 PM

What is Google Assistant?

Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It's your own personal Google, always ready to help. Discover new entertainment, view your Google Photo collection in 4K, and control your smart home. Endless possibilities all by using your voice.

US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Australia.

What's New About Google Assistant on SHIELD TV?

Everything you love about Google Assistant is now on your TV - and so much more. Google Assistant on SHIELD uses your TV to enhance responses with visuals. Ask for the weather and see a 10-day forecast. Ask about your local sports team and see live game results. Ask about an actor and see their movies and photos in one place. When voice combines with visuals you get the best Assistant experience in your living room. Press the voice search button to access Google Assistant or use the 2017 SHIELD controller's always-on microphone for a hands-free TV experience.

Is Google Assistant Supported on SHIELD 2015 and SHIELD TV Pro? Yes.

How Do I Enable Google Assistant on SHIELD TV?

  1. Sign into your SHIELD with a Google Account. Note: G-suite corporate accounts are not compatible with Google Assistant. Accounts ending with "" strongly recommended.
  2. Update to SHIELD Experience Upgrade 6.0 or later software and then press the voice search button on your SHIELD remote or controller. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup.

Required Software Versions: 1. SHIELD Experience Upgrade 6.0 or higher (Settings > About > System upgrade)

2. For Hands-free "OK Google" support, SHIELD controller (2017) requires firmware version 1.14. Note: SHIELD controller must be charged to over 30% battery life before the firmware can be updated. See additional troubleshooting steps below.

3. Google Play Services App - confirm version is 11.5.17 or higher (Settings > Apps > Google Play Services). Open the Google Play Store app to accept the Terms & Conditions.

How Do I Talk to My Google Assistant on SHIELD TV? There are two ways to talk to your Google Assistant on SHIELD TV:

1) Press the microphone button on SHIELD remote or the NVIDIA button on SHIELD controller.

2) Say "OK Google "or "Hey Google" to your SHIELD controller without picking up a remote. This works best when you are 3 to 5 feet from your controller. SHIELD controller (2017) is required to enable hands-free "OK Google" support. Learn how to enable "OK Google here.

How Do I Add Personal Info, Payments, Music Preferences, Home Control and More? You can ask your Google Assistant to do more for you, like play songs from your favorite music services or control your smart home devices. These features can be setup with the Google Assistant on your Android phone or the Google Assistant app on your iPhone.

How Do I Set Up Google Assistant on My Phone to Change Settings? Android version 6.0 or higher (full requirements here)

1. Make sure the Google Assistant is enabled on your phone.

2. Hold down the Home button to open the Google Assistant and complete setup.

iOS version 9.1 or higher

1. Download the Google Assistant app on your phone.

2. Open the Google Assistant app and complete setup.

How Do I Access My Google Assistant Settings on My Phone? Open your Assistant by holding down the Home button (on Android) or tapping the Assistant app icon (on your iPhone).

1. Tap at the top right to open the Google Assistant Explore section.

2. Tap > Account and make sure the account is set to the same account that is on your Android TV.

3. Tap > Settings. From here, you can choose your default music provider, add smart home devices to control, and more.

For more information on how to set up home control, visit

How Do I Set Up Google Assistant with My Favorite Services? Just say "Talk to <Service Name>" to access those features. Some good examples to try:

· Financial News "Talk to the Wall Street Journal"

· Meal Recipes "Talk to Food Network"

In many cases, you can make requests directly to the app:

· "Ask the Wall Street Journal for financial news"

· "Ask Food Network for cajun shrimp recipes"

How Do I Link My Services to Google Assistant? Launch Google Assistant on your phone

a. Android 6.0+ phones: Hold home button

b. iPhones: Launch Google Assistant app

2. At the top right, tap

3. Tap on the Explore tab on the top row

4. Locate and tap the service you want

5. Follow the instructions to complete

To Use Google Shopping, It Says I Need to Accept Updated Terms. Where? You will see the notification on your phone. From your Android phone, make sure notifications for the "Google" app are enabled. From your iPhone, make sure notifications for the "Google Assistant" app are enabled.

How Do I Link SmartThings to Google Assistant? Launch Google Assistant on your phone

a. Android 6.0+ phones: Hold home button

b. iPhones: Launch Google Assistant app

2. At the top right, tap Settings Home control.

3. In the "Devices" tab, tap Add .

4. Select "SmartThings" and follow instructions to complete.

How Do I View My Photos, Calendar, and Commute on SHIELD TV? If you use the same Google Account on SHIELD and your phone, you can view your personal information.

1. Launch Google Assistant on your phone

a. Android 6.0+ phones: Hold home button

b. iPhones: Launch Google Assistant app

2. At the top right, tap Settings

3. Select "Videos and Photos" to enable Google Photos on your TV.

4. Select "Personal Info" to enter your home and work locations for your commute.

5. Select "My Day" to customize your personal My Day summary.

Does Google Assistant on SHIELD Support Multiple Accounts? Google Assistant on SHIELD currently works with a single account.

Does Google Assistant on SHIELD Support the Same Features as Google Home? Most features and services available on Google Home are available with Google Assistant on SHIELD TV. The following features require always-on speakers and are therefore not currently supported:

· Reminders

· Hands-free calling

· Alarms and Timers

· Read and Send Messages

Does "OK Google" on SHIELD Work with Other Assistant Devices in the Same Room? Yes. If you have enabled "OK Google" on SHIELD TV and your Google Home or Android phone uses the same Google account, then your SHIELD TV will take priority when the TV is on. The other devices may hear you but they should not respond. When your SHIELD is asleep, your Google Home or phone will respond (unless you have enable "OK Google" to work when SHIELD is asleep). Note that when you source select away from SHIELD to another TV input, SHIELD will automatically go to sleep on most TVs (if CEC is enabled). If SHIELD continues to stay awake, you also have the option to sleep SHIELD faster (as low as 5 minutes) in Setting > Screen saver > When to sleep.

Does "OK Google" Work If My SHIELD Is in Sleep Mode? By default, SHIELD will only listen for "OK Google" if it is awake (green light is on). As a Beta feature, you can enable SHIELD to listen for "OK Google" when it is in sleep mode. Enable this beta feature in Settings > System > Enable "OK Google" when TV is off.

Things to try:

"OK Google, turn on the TV"

"OK Google, turn on the lights"

"OK Google, play Stranger Things"

To hear your Assistant in this mode, attached speakers must be on. If you use your TV speakers for your audio source, you will not be able to hear your Assistant when the TV is off. If you use an AV receiver or sound bar between SHIELD and your TV, you can use these speakers for your Assistant when your TV is off (if the speakers are set to stay on). Recommended settings to ensure that your speakers stay on when TV turns off:

TV: Allow HDMI-CEC from other devices

AV Receiver: Ignore HDMI-CEC from other devices

SHIELD: Enable TV ON/OFF in Settings

Does Media Playback Voice Control Work on All Apps? Most, but not all, apps support basic "play" and pause" commands. Support for fast-forward and rewind require additional app support. HBO Now and music apps like Spotify are the first apps to support this additional functionality.

When I Play Music Using Assistant, Why Do the Local Music Apps Not Open? Currently, when you play music with Assistant, the music is cast to SHIELD. Support for the native music apps is coming soon. With this support will come the ability to do searches for local music content.

How Long Will My SHIELD Controller Battery Last with "OK Google" Enabled? Between charges, SHIELD Controller will last up to 2 weeks.

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