I uploaded my license into NVPAC and got a -15 error.

Updated 03/06/2017 02:54 PM

I uploaded my license into NVPAC and got a -15 error.

-15 errors are network licensing errors. The issue is probably one of the following -

· The lmadmin service may not be running.

o Try to access FlexNet Publisher by navigating to localhost:8090 in your web browser. If you cannot access localhost:8090, lmadmin isn't running. Start lmadmin and retry.

· There may be a networking problem or an issue with name resolution:

o Make sure that you can ping both from the license manager to the client and from the client to the license manager by hostname. If you are unable to ping by hostname, contact your network administrator or IT professional for assistance.

· Firewalls and other port filtering software and hardware may be blocking the required license server traffic:

o Make sure that port 2080 and the port range 27000-27009 are not being filtered or blocked by any firewalls or network devices.

o It is strongly recommended that the Windows Firewall be disabled on both the client and license server machines.

· The client machine may not be looking for the correct license manager:

o Set the following environment variable on the client machine to point to the correct license manager:


27000@[server name]

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