SHIELD Tablet - How to save Logcat to text file (Windows)

Updated 02/10/2017 10:22 AM

Logcat is a command line tool which is able to capture system error messages from your Android device.  In some cases where NVIDIA is unable to reproduce a user reported issue, we may ask the user to provide logcat logs to help us investigate your issue.  Follow the steps below to capture logs from your SHIELD Tablet and save to a text file.      

1) You will need ADB and Fastboot installed on your Windows PC.  If you do not have these tools installed, the easiest way is to download the ADB Installer from:

Once downloaded, right-click over the ADB setup file and choose "Run as administrator".  Follow the instructions to complete the installation. 

2) Enable Developer Mode on your tablet.  If you have already done so skip to step 3

Enabling Developer Mode:

-Go into the Android Settings
-Scroll down and select About tabet
-Tap Build number 7 times.  Upon tapping the 7th time, you will unlock the Developer options
-Tap the back button to go back to the main Settings screen.  You should now see {} Developer options on the bottom of the screen

3) On your SHIELD Tablet go to Android Settings -> Developer options -> scroll down to the Debugging section, and toggle the “USB Debugging” slider.

4) Repeat the steps needed to show the issue you have on your tablet.  Connect your Shield Tablet into your PC with a USB cable

5) Chec the Device Manager for any errors/exclamation marks for your tablet.  If there is an explanation mark next to your tablets icon, you will need to install the SHIELD Family Windows USB Driver:

6) Open an elevated Command Prompt window by pressing the Windows key and the letter "X" at the same time.  Select "Command Prompt (Admin)"

7) Navigate to the directory where you wish to save the log file.

8) From the command line type: 

ADB Devices

9) If you shows the serial number for your SHIELD Tablet, then it means your tablet is detected correctly. 

10) From the command line type: 

adb logcat –v threadtime > outputlog.txt

11) After about 30 seconds, press the keys "Control" and the letter "C" at the same time to stop

12) If asked for a logcat file, provide the outputlog.txt file to the NVIDIA Customer Care agent.

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