Does SHIELD TV Support Universal Remotes like Logitech Harmony

Updated 09/29/2021 01:05 PM

Does SHIELD TV Support Universal Remotes Like Logitech Harmony?

Logitech Harmony remotes that use the Harmony Hub have been updated to support SHIELD TV control via Bluetooth. This is an enhancement over the original IR-based support for SHIELD. Benefits include

  • Faster and more responsive controls
  • Eliminate "line of sight" requirement between SHIELD TV and Harmony Hub

All versions of SHIELD TV (including 2015 versions) can take advantage of this new enhancment. Please visit Logitech's support site for instructions on how to configure your SHIELD TV with Harmony Hub based remotes.

NOTE: If you have already added SHIELD TV to your Harmony Hub using IR-based controls and would like to use the new Bluetooth based controls, you will need to delete the existing SHIELD device from your profile and re-add SHIELD TV back.

SHIELD TV is also compatible with IR-based remotes, although additional hardware may be required.

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