GeForce Experience Share records Battlefield 1 at 720p

Updated 12/12/2016 08:22 AM
GeForce Experience Share records Battlefield 1 at 720p

GeForce Experience Share determines the game resolution by the resolution presented by the game at launch.  Usually the resolution you choose in the game settings is the same resolution the game first launches in.  Battlefield 1 behaves differently in that it first launches at 720p resolution even if your game settings is set at a higher resolution.  Shortly after launch it returns to the resolution selected in the game settings.  Because of this behavior, GeForce Experience believes you are playing the game at 720p resolution and thus your recordings may sometimes come out in 720p.  If you encounter an issue where your gameplay videos from Battlefield 1 are recorded in 720p, we recommend manual mode to capture video in the correct resolution.

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