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How do I get access to the Plex Media Server beta for SHIELD?

  1. 1. You must be a Plex Pass member. Get Plex Pass here.

  2. 2. Register to become a member of the Plex forums.

  3. 3. Visit the beta release information forum topic to learn how to register for the DVR beta.


  1. 1) What do I need to enable DVR features on my SHIELD TV?

  2. To enable Plex DVR on your SHIELD you will need the following:

    • A digital TV antenna

    • An HDHomeRun network tuner. Plex has a list of the latest supported network tuners.

    • A Plex Pass subscription

  3. 2) Do I need SHIELD Pro (500GB) to record TV shows?

  4. PLEX DVR will work on any SHIELD Android TV device, however, recording TV shows and movies requires a lot of storage capacity (1-2 GB/hr for SD quality, up to 6GB/hr for FullHD quality). Since SHIELD Pro has 500GB of built-in storage, it is the recommended device for Plex DVR. If you own a 16GB SHIELD Android TV, we recommend increasing your storage with a microSD card or USB hard drive or flash drive. You will need to set up the storage up as internal storage by following these instructions.

  5. 3) Can I record shows to an external hard drive?

  6. You can record shows to an external hard drive if you have set up the drive as internal storage. Set up the storage up as internal storage by following these instructions.

  7. 4) Is there anything special I need to do to set up the PLEX DVR beta on SHIELD?

  8. The setup process is exactly the same as setting up the PLEX DVR beta on any other device. At this time, the PLEX DVR on SHIELD can only save content onto local storage. By default, the "TV Shows" folder created by PLEX on SHIELD will automatically point to a local directory for storage.

  9. 5) How do I delete shows from my SHIELD?

To delete recorded shows on your SHIELD, you will need to enable media deletion. From the PLEX web app,

  • Go to Settings->Library and press "Hide Advanced"

  • Select the "Allow media deletion" checkbox.

Now you can delete recorded shows in the web app, or on your Plex app. Warning, enabling this feature this will allow ANY Plex content stored on this server to be deleted.

For additional Plex DVR FAQs, please visit:

For more information on the PLEX DVR, you can read more here.

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