NVIDIA GRID: How to configure and deploy vGPU in VMware Horizon Desktops (Video)

Updated 09/29/2021 01:03 PM

NVIDIA GRID: How to configure and deploy vGPU in VMware Horizon Desktops (Video)

NVIDIA Engineering have released a video to overview vGPU for VMware Horizon View. Users should always consult the comprehensive documentation and set-up guides and this video is intended as an overview guide to assist them doing that.

The video is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Ybq0hPvYHk

The video includes:

· An overview of how to configure a VMware Horizon VIEW deployment to deliver vGPU enabled Windows 7 desktops using linked clones.

· Choosing the correct vGPU drivers

· winscp

· .vib files

· Ensuring you are in maintenance mode

· Using nvidia-smi

· Confirming installation is correct

· How to remove a .vib

· Configuring a virtual machine

· Troubleshooting vGPU configuration on VMware

· Key configuration steps and common errors

· Warning message to expect and what they mean

· Debug tips

· How to use an OpenGL application to check the GPU is being used correctly

· Building an automated desktop pool, with persistent uses and composer linked clones

Useful Links

· NVIDIA vGPU for vSPhere/ESXi is a premium VMware-licensed feature

· Where to find the drivers for NVIDIA GRID 2.0 vGPU and up, including M60 and M6 drivers

Relevant Products

NVIDIA GRID vGPU including M6 / M60 / M10 / K1 / K2 cards

VMware vSphere/ESXi and Horizon View

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