NVIDIA GRID: K120Q/K220Q recommended vGPU profiles above K100/K200 for new deploymentsNVIDIA GRID: K120Q/K220Q recommended choice of vGPU profiles above K100/K200 for new deployments

Updated 05/24/2016 08:29 AM

NVIDIA GRID: K120Q/K220Q recommended choice of vGPU profiles above K100/K200 for new deployments



The initial release of GRID 1.0 did not include the K120Q and K220Q profiles. These are equivalent in scalability to the K100/K200 profiles and also support qualified drivers. Additionally the K120Q/K220Q fully utilize the GPU framebuffer offering 512MB of frame buffer versus 256MB for the K100/K200 with the same scalability.

As such it is NVIDIA’s recommendation that new deployments always choose the K120Q/K220Q profiles in preference to the K100/K200 profiles, which are preserved for legacy users.

Symptoms or Error

A few customers have reported issues with K100/K200 vGPU profiles on K1 and K2 GRID GPU cards. Reported issues include:

·        VM’s failing customization in a VMware environment with no errors from Horizon and the VMs remained in a customization status but entries in the vmware.log for the VM included:

o   2016-04-27T01:44:09.329Z| mks| W110: GLWindow: Unable to reserve host GPU resources

o   2016-04-27T01:44:09.339Z| vmx| I120: [msg.mks.noGPUResourceFallback] Hardware GPU resources are not available. The virtual machine will use software rendering.

·        Unsightly artefacts when used by applications that specify they need a minimum 512MB framebuffer (Unigine Heaven is one common example)

·        Applications that force a minimum framebuffer above >256Mb block starting on K100/200



Customers who are experiencing issues with K100/K200 profiles are recommended to upgrade to the K120Q/K220Q if possible.

Applicable Products

NVIDIA GRID 1.0, K1 and K2 GPU cards used for vGPU


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