NVIDIA vGPU for XenServer is premium Citrix-licensed feature

Updated 09/29/2021 01:02 PM

NVIDIA vGPU for XenServer is premium Citrix-licensed feature

Citrix XenServer editions have changed. In earlier versions of XenServer vGPU was included in all editions. Now Citrix does not include NVIDIA vGPU in Standard Editions and customers wishing to use the vGPU feature must purchase an Enterprise edition.

Customers who have purchased XenApp or XenDesktop continue to have an entitlement to XenServer, which includes all the features contained within the Standard edition and many of those in the Enterprise edition, including NVIDIA vGPU support.

This is most likely to be encountered by customers not using Citrix for VDI (XenDesktop/XenApp) but for commodity workloads e.g. hosting environment looking to use VM’s for video encode / transcode.

Open source XenServer does not include support for NVIDIA vGPU.


Symptoms are reported to vary, but those reported include:

  • not seeing profiles

  • being unable to start the VM (even at the CLI)

  • GPU tab may be missing in XenCenter

  • device is listed as something like "NVIDIA Corporation Unknown (13f2) GPUs"


Customers should consult the licensing documentation for the appropriate version of XenServer. E.g. for XenServer 6.5: CTX141511 – “XenServer 6.5 Licensing FAQ” and will need to license an appropriate version for their needs.

Applicable Products


Citrix XenServer Open Source/Free/Standard Editions

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