Windows 10 - Driver installation fails

Updated 09/29/2021 10:18 AM

When attempting to install a driver in Windows 10 the installation fails.

On your first boot of a fresh installation of Windows 10, Windows Update will attempt to download and install GPU drivers in the background. This can sometimes take up to 5-10 minutes before the silent driver installation will begin.

If you attempt to manually install a driver during this time, it will fail immediately, because a driver install is already being done silently in the background. Once the silent driver install is completed, you will need to reboot your PC for it to finalize.

In order to get a driver installed outside of Windows Update do the following:

  • On a fresh install or update and first boot of Windows 10, let Windows sit for at least 15 minutes to ensure the background silent download and installation is completed.

  • Reboot your PC to finalize the installation.

  • Check to see the correct drivers are installed and functional, check to see if the NVIDIA Control panel is available.

  • If there is still no driver installed, download the latest driver from our website and begin a manual installation.

  • During the installation Select "Custom" and check the box for "perform clean installation"

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